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Archives for August 2021

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The Spittle of Christ

Dear Church Family, Earlier this week, elders of our church visited an ill member of our congregation, anointing him with oil and praying that the Lord would heal him. Some may wonder about this practice. What's the purpose? Is it biblical? How is this practice different from the Roman Catholic practice of holy unction (or last rites)? Well, I thought that I would take th...

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Seed, Land, and the Gospel

Dear Church Family, In our last two sermons from Genesis, chapter 21, we examined how the New Testament interprets and applies God's promises to Abraham concerning seed (to make him into a great nation) and land (to bring him into the promised land). With respect to the promise of seed (Genesis 21:1-21, "Children of Promise,") we saw how Hagar and Ishmael were driven out...

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Cultural Commonality & Spiritual Antithesis

Dear Church Family, In our most recent sermon this past Sunday from Genesis 20:1-18, we observed how the Abimelech, the pagan king of Gerar had a healthy fear of God. Conversely and ironically Abraham, the blessing-bearer, did not fear God; he feared men. In the sermon, I sought to explain how Abraham and Abimelech were both different and similar to one another. Cultur...

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