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Archives for October 2020

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Preaching: The Abuse of Redemptive-Historical Preaching, Part 1

Dear Church Family, This is the third installment of our weekly series on preaching. First, we considered the full-orbed definition of the gospel that includes what Jesus did in history and how God saves sinners (Preaching: What is the Gospel?). Second, we considered the full-orbed definition of gospel preaching that includes Jesus Christ as well as the doctrines and comm...

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Preaching: The Foundation and the Superstructure

Dear Church Family, In last week's reflection, we considered how we might arrive at a more full-orbed definition of the gospel. The gospel is about more than the good news of justification, it is the good news of the kingdom of God! Thus, the gospel includes what Christ, as the King of God's kingdom, has done in history: how Jesus brought the kingdom (inauguration), how J...

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Preaching: What is the gospel?

Dear Church Family, In the first two sermons of our present preaching series on "The Church and the Means of Grace," we sought to ask and answer the question, "What to expect from your pastor?" So, we looked at 1 Timothy 4:11-16. Specifically, we saw how the Apostle Paul admonishes his younger protg, Timothy (as well as all pastors and preachers) to guard both himself and...

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A High (and Prioritized) Ecclesiology

Dear Church Family, In the last two lessons of our online "Inquirer / New Member" Sunday school class, we have been discussing and learning about what it means to support the work and worship of the church. As part of these lessons, we studied some ecclesiology. I am convinced that one of the major problems in evangelicalism today is a low ecclesiology. Ecclesiology simpl...

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